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Reclaim Your Joy

Make this summer your best summer yet.  Take time to refocus on what really matters. UNPLUG and enjoy time with family and friends, create some "me" time and reclaim your joy.  Engage with people.  Face to face connections are far more important that the virtual ones. Save the virtual connections for people who live far away.

Have a great summer!

Local Summer 
School at BCMS

This is an Invitation only
summer program.

Mon., July 10 to Friday, July 28. Please click the link for more information.

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all families

Apply for Free & Reduced Meal (FARMS) Program by  scanning the QR Code using your cell phone.  Households are encouraged to complete applications for FARMS to ensure eligible students have access to state and local programs and for Focus school status.

Contact Ms. Gilchrist or the school with any questions. Click here for espanol

SSL Hours

You need 75 Student Service Learning hours to graduate from high school.  Here is a quick guideline for SSL hours. Check this list often so you can get started.  Click here for the activity verification form. If you want to do SSL hours at a location that is NOT on the list, please ask the person at the company to complete this form and submit it to the school. Email Ms. Swailes, the 7th grade counselor and SSL coordinator for more information.

Saturday School and
Tutoring Services

Click here

Find Your Home School

Welcome to Briggs Chaney Middle School.

If you are not sure if  Briggs Chaney Middle School is your home (neighborhood) school, please click on the icon below to locate your home school based on your home address.

School Assignment Locator

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