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Check your grades and

schedule on SYNERGY

Parents, if you need your activation letter to setup your account, please contact the counseling office


Get tutoring/homework help at

Saturday School

Get personalized learning support at 

Khan Academy


Counseling Lessons

Your grade-level counselor will visit your classroom to teach lessons on social/ emotional skills, academic planning, college and career readiness.


ssl hours
Student Service Learning
SSL Coordinator: Ms. Costantino

MCPS students must complete 75 SSL hours to graduate from high school. Students may begin earning SSL hours the summer after completing grade 5. Students continue to earn SSL hours throughout middle school and high school. Additional information for students and families are provided below.

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College and career resources

Career Exploration

Match your skills to jobs

All About College

 Learn about college life.

Virtual College Tours

Take a tour on a real college campus.

high school options

During your 8th grade year, you will complete the NEC choice process and select your high school!

Learn more about Blake HS, Paint Branch HS, Springbrook HS and the choice process.


Bullying is very destructive and can cause serious mental health programs. Be an Upstander and not a bystander. See something. Say something.

To report bullying, please complete the MCPS bullying reporting form and email it your school counselor.


mental health

If you are feeling really sad or have a friend in need of help, use the mindfulness page, contact your grade-level counselor and use these resources:


Teen Mental Health


Montgomery County

Crisis Hotline

National Suicide

Prevention Hotline

1800-273-TALK (8255)