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Welcome to Briggs Chaney Middle School.

If you are not sure if  Briggs Chaney Middle School is your home (neighborhood) school, please call the

Long-range Planning Office at 240-314-4700 or check the following website at




and click on "Find your School". 

Students who have not attended a U.S. School anytime during the prior two years should contact the MCPS International Admissions and Enrollment at 301-230-0686 to begin the enrollment process.

All parents/guardians enrolling students (new or reentering MCPS) must provide verification of student's age, student identify, parent/guardian identify, residency, and immunizations, unless homeless.

Registrar: Neela Finlay




Parents and guardians must provide proof of residency in Montgomery County to enroll their child/ren  in school.

Documents that prove residency

Home owners can provide a copy of their current property bill; this can be obtained from Montgomery County Department of Finance at 240-777-0311 or at

Renters can provide a copy of  their current lease. If the lease is more than 1 year old, you can provide a copy of your lease and a current utility bill.

If you are living in shared housing, provide a notarized MCPS form 335-74, Shared Housing Disclosure and either a copy of the current property bill of homeowner or copy of lease of renter with whom student and parent/guardian are living and three appropriate supporting documents.

Anyone who is not a resident of Montgomery County who would like to request to enroll a non-resident student in MCPS should contact IAE at 301-230-0686.


If your family is homeless, please call the Homeless Liaison office Homeless Liaison Office at 240-740-4511. You can also refer the web page for enrolling homeless children.


Parents and guardians should complete the following forms in order to enroll students into Montgomery County Pubic Schools:


Parents and guardians enrolling students must be present and provide the following:


  • Legal identification AND

  • Proof of relationship to student


Students must be immunized in order to enroll in public school.  Contact your doctor for the following form:


You can either print the form above or get a copy from your doctor.